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Hunter Safety Class
Hunter Safety Class
Hunter Safety Class
Hunter Safety Class


Volunteers Sharing Experience with today's Youth.

Hunter Safety Instructors have joined together to share both knowledge and experience. The Association was formed to continue to assist the State of Michigan in producing Safe, Knowledgeable, Responsible, hunters. Members sit on many boards, such as test committees, Policy & Procedures. It also helps when communicating with the State staff. The association is able to collect and process state wide information that helps resolve both local and state wide issues that occur with Hunter Safety classes. There are nine districts in the State, from the far ends of the U.P. to the Ohio border. Members share a vast array of experience, which benefits the student. Membership is not limited to Instructors; Non Instructors can support the Association by becoming Affiliate Members. We need you as a member please consider joining.


How can I join, and what does that cost?
By filling out an application and 10.00 yr dues.

What do the dues pay for?
Dues pays for the mailing and other misc cost in keeping the Association healthy

How many members?
There are, 3900 members, only dues paying members have access to the member's area of the web site.

What has the Association been doing lately?
The association has been involved helping the NRC develop rules for the Mentored Youth Hunt. Instilling safe gun handling habits in young hunters.

How many Districts are there?
There are 9 districts; they are the same as the DNR Law districts.

Why are there so many Districts?
Because of the make up of the State, we wanted to make sure that all Hunter Safety Instructors were represented, by following the Law Districts it insures that every part of the State has representatives to contact. Each District has the same number of votes regardless of the number of Instructors; this insures that all areas are equal.

How do I contact an Association Rep.?
County Coordinators are Reps; also there is a web site that has contact info. And the State staff can also direct you to your Rep.
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  • Boater Safety
  • IBEP Safety
  • Archery Safety
  • Snowmobile Safety
  • OHV

Member Classification

Certificate Member; Any Instructor that is certified by the State to teach Hunter Safety, and has a current certification. Limited member's privileges (90 days to opt out of membership). Voting privileges.

Regular membership; yearly dues of $10.00, name is drawn in drawings, access to web site members area, (password protected), receives news letters and discounts, voting privileges, members area access. And more.

Affiliate Member; 10.00 yr dues, news letter, access to web site and members area, non voting, helps support Association. Access to drawings. And a great way help us promote safe gun handling habits for tomorrows Hunters.

Join Today
By joining the Association you become part of a State wide team that has but one goal. We continue to assist the State Of Michigan in producing Safe, Knowledgeable, and Responsible Hunters. We can assist each other in mentoring the new Instructor by passing on the many years of experience that we hold. By volunteering to sit on many of the State Boards that review and write the Test, and write the policies, your experience is of great value when deciding these types of questions. If you would like to sit on Committees for the Association or hold an office, or be a representative there is a place on the Application for that. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Quote Vic Ouellette
President MIHSEIA

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